Mikey and Frankie were born and raised in Framingham. Both have been on-air on Kiss 108 during their careers.


Frankie, the older brother, has since spread his wings to the west coast with shows on Channel 93.3 in San Diego, KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, Kiss 107.9 in Sacramento and many other iHeartRadio stations across the country.


Mikey has been on-air on Kiss 108 since 2013, hosting nights, now PM Drive, and can be heard on other iHeartRadio stations across the country. Mikey is also the Assistant Program Director and Music Director of Kiss 108.


Newcomer Gianna Gravalese adds the female perspective and produces the program; Gianna is another local talent born and raised in Revere, MA. In addition to her role with The VBros, Gianna is an on-camera reporter for “Dirty Water TV,” a Boston-based nightlife cable program on NESN.

Sharing Locations & Papa Swift Takes on Paparazzi!?

Taylor's Rules for Travis

Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna kick off the week with some advice and facts from Mommy V. Group chat opens up to talk about the biggest celebrity couple in the world right now and what 'rules' they must follow in their relationship...apparently.

What Your Coffee Order and Shower Routine Says About You

A tricky Two Truths and a Lie on this gloooomy Friday in Boston. Did you know the order of what you wash in the shower can say a LOT about you? Same thing with what you order at Dunks!

Triangle Flirting & A Relationship Based off a DARE!

Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna survived the nation wide At&t power outage and made it in to talk about all sorts of things today. The most juicy would deffffff be the group chat! What would you do if you found out your entire relationship was based off of a DARE?

Has AI Gone too Far? & Sinestezia

Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna have all been flossing incorrectly... The trio moves on to group chatb discussing an ex's name tattooed on a mans chest. Does he remove it or what!?!?!?

Job Interviews & National Love Your Pet Day

Do you tip a server that hits on your significant other all night? Group chat opens up to get YOUR opinion on this one.... National Love Your Pet Day and as always some fun facts from Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna.

Pawned Engagement Rings

Long weeeeekend!!!!! Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna keep it going with some fun facts as always and a group chat that divided Boston. What to do with a ring after a breakup?

Stuffed Animals & Nightmares

Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna get ready for the weekend debating some interesting topics. Group chat opens up ....What do you do with an engagement ring if you break up?????

Single Awareness Day (SAD) & Changing Your Bed Sheets!

Did you know Webster added some new dictionary words? Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna will share those with us along with some fun facts and a crazy million dollar Valentines Day story.

Group chat opens up and discusses a relationship involving one partner having Only Fans....

Prepping for VDAY NIGHT & How Long To Wait to Say You LOVE Someone

From Valentines Day trivia to how store bought cards can be a SCAM, your favorite Boston trio has got you covered. Groupchat opens up to decompress a listener's situation on posting a pic of her boyfriend.....who may or may not be her BOSS!