Freak Accident On Oklahoma State Fair Midway Injures Woman

Luna Park

Photo: Getty Images

This is crazy. One minute she as waiting to enjoy a ride on the midway at the Oklahoma State Fair and the next she's covered in blood and being transported to the hospital. The cause? No she wasn't injured on a ride. She was injured by someone's phone that someone didn't properly secure before they boarded the ride. Rebecca Gillepsie took to Facebook to warn others to secure your belongings because this is what could happen.

Gillepsie shared some graphic pictures and video to her Facebook saying:

"For people who take phones on rides when it says not to this is what happens to someone on the ground when you drop it. This is me it happened to! I was on the ground and phone fell from in the air ( video is in comments) I did have to go to hospital and I’m doing okay. Just PLEASE don’t take phones on those rides!"

Oklahoma State Fair Spokesperson, Scott Munz, issued a statement to News 9 TV saying:

"It's very clearly posted by itself just as you're getting on the ride no cell phones," said Munz. "Most people are not out here by themselves, the reality of it is they're traveling with somebody. They should leave it with an individual who's not on the ride. Leave it with them at the entrance to the ride."  

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