You Have A Chance To Sit At The Thanksgiving Table With This Viral Grandma

It's been about a decade after the heartwarming story where a grandma texted Jamal Hinton inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner on accident and now it's a tradition they have every year.

This year, YOU have the chance to join Jamal and Grandma Wanda Dench for their 8th annual Thanksgiving dinner! The two will be teaming up with Airbnb to host a "stay at Dench's Arizona home" on Monday, November 20th where you can play some board games, watch movies, cozy up by the fire with some hot coco, take selfies with Jamal and Wanda and of course gather at the dinner table for some Thanksgiving dinner. If you want to request to be at the Thanksgiving dinner table, you can do so starting November 14th at 1pm ET at Airbnb and it'll cost you $16 for the night. For more, click here.

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