Skechers Just Opened Up A Restaurant At Their Gardena Store!

There's been talk about Skechers serving food at their Gardena location and I just need to try this food out.

The warehouse store opened up a restaurant with high-quality but cheap food and it's giving Costco vibes haha The Food Spot does have some similar food offerings like Costco such as all-beef hotdogs for $2.50, pepperoni pizza slices for $3 and of course premium soft-serve and churros for just $3. But the food gets better than this, they have a "citrus chile" roast chicken sandwich that is served on a artisan bun with ranch, double smashburger, and a Nashville hot chicken sandwich. Ummmm YUM

“I always thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to have a food concession at the Gardena store?,'” said Michael Greenberg, president and co-founder of Skechers. “It does a tremendous amount of volume and has a lot of foot traffic.”

This spot has the attention of many food bloggers, reviewers and influencers who are impressed by the food this Food Spot offers. Currently the Food Spot is open at 10am and closes at 8pm and All I know is I need to check this out haha For more, click here.

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