Keke Palmer Shares Pic Of Met Gala Food. Met Gala Chef Defends It!

We all love the Met Gala. The outfits, the celebrities', seeing if they stayed on theme, etc. But we never really see what happens inside the Met Gala. Like what food do they eat inside the Gala? Well this year it was a big deal that the food was going to be plant based. That was all the information we got, until one celeb gave us a sneak peek

Keke Palmer posted a picture on her story of one of the dishes served there and captioned it "This is why they don't show y'all the food. I'm just playin". This prompted many to share their thoughts. Twitter user Bella SantanaLA said "They feeding y'all like it's Fyre Festival".

This prompted a response from the Chef of the Met Gala.

The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion - Arrivals

Photo: Getty Images North America

Marcus Samuelsson(left) was the chef who put together the menu for the event. He told TMZ "It was a plate of barley and roasted mushrooms, with zucchini slices and a tomato corn salad, and Samuelsson told the outlet that, 'food, likely anything, it a matter of taste, and it tasted plenty good"

He also thanked his chefs in the Instagram post below. He is proud of his work and won't let anyone bring him down!

And hey as long as the food tastes good that's all that really matters right?

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