Concord Waiter Receives $1,000 Tip In Venmo Challenge!

Pete Murray, a waiter at Lucille’ Smokehouse in Concord received some much needed help this week when customer Brian Murphy tipped him $1,000 in part of a Venmo challenge on TikTok! The challenge involves users asking their followers to send them money to their Venmo account, amounts as low as 50 cents. When the user reaches a certain amount, in this case $1,000, they give it to a server. 

In a news interviews, Murray said, “It’s helped a lot, now I don’t have to worry about paying rent next month, so I have that set. And then I can put some money aside.” 

Murphy, who gave out the generous tip shared, It’s just feels really good. I’m really appreciative of the following.”

The host of the restaurant also received a $400 tip! 

Has anyone ever paid it forward with a grand gesture like this to you? Did you pay it forward to someone else? Let me know @TheGabbyDiaz!

Photo: GettyImages.

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