Woman Finds $100k in her Son's Room & You're Not Gonna Believe This!

So I was on Twitter earlier this Morning, and when I saw this story, all I thought about was how I had to share this with you. Just cause its HELLA FUNNY!

So Jaime Primak, who I believe is a writer/podcaster took to Twitter to share this story. Well one of her girlfriends shared a story with her about her son. Now of course she had to share it on Twitter. Mind you, this is TOTALLY something i'd do by the way. Sometimes you need that Twitter laugh. And people reacted to this story just that way.. Take a look at the series of tweets down below.

So the real question I have is, what would you do if you found $100k in your 20 something year old son's room? Would you assume it's from him smashing older ladies? This sounds like that show on Netflix, Hollywood.

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