Shawn Mendes Apologizes For 7-Year-Old Tweets...Twice

When Shawn Mendes addressed racially insensitive tweets from 7 years ago during a fan Q&A, he got blasted for blaming his friends and saying people needed to move on. So he tweeted a second apology out owning it more.

I'm not saying I support ANY of what's happened here or not, I guess I'm just curious like -- we all say stupid stuff when we are younger. But at what point is it taken as just young stupidity that we clearly grow out of and mature from? And I just mean in general, not just this racially-charged subject. It just seems like so many people start getting blasted for tweets that made YEARS ago, when they may not even be close to that same person anymore.

But at the same time, no matter your age/maturity level/mental state -- always important to watch what you say/tweet I suppose -- because once it's in writing, it's out there for good.