There Is Currently A "Nurse-In" Happening At The Tulsa Courthouse

Apparently, happening at this very second, there's a "nurse-in" at the Tulsa Municipal Courthouse to prove that nursing in public is legal, after a woman was told she had to nurse in the bathroom instead of the hallway inside the Courthouse.

Can I just ask a question as a dude that is clearly speaking about something he has zero first-hand experience with because...anatomy? The only reason a woman's breasts are seen in society is needing to be covered up is because of their nipples, right? Like, women wear pasties over their nipples, so that's the issue?

So like...if a baby's whole freakin head is covering their nipple and most of their breast in the first place, WHO GIVES A CRAP IF THEY FEED THEIR BABY IN PUBLIC?! YOU AREN'T SEEING ANYTHING AND IT'S NOT IMPACTING YOUR DAY AT ALL...SO STFU!

(And for those of you that are gonna bring up the security question because there are creepy people in the world that will "check out" the women feeding and maybe get aroused -- their choice to feed in public, right? So...they know what they're doing, right? Now can we tackle a bigger issue like curing cancer or something? Our priorities are so outta whack it's infuriating.)

Okie dokie -- I'm off my soapbox now, thanks.

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