Everyone Is Talking About This Miley SNL Performance

A lot of people were relieved to see Pete Davidson introduce Miley Cyrus for her final performance of the night on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

This came off of the Instagram post that was put up then deleted by Pete earlier in the day where he mentioned that he "didn't want to be on this earth anymore." Shortly after posting, Pete deleted his account entirely, which sent a lot of people into a panic.

He showed up to SNL (obviously), and police did a wellness check to make sure he was OK. 

And I think while he was OK as in the fact that he's alive, you can just see the pain and heartache in his face during the intro.

Look -- I'm not trying to preach right now, and we've all said stupid stuff on Twitter in our earlier years before we grew up and matured, but even if you're young and immature, it's NEVER ok to either threaten someone's life or encourage them to take their own. ESPECIALLY when they're known to have and outwardly express their battle with mental health issues.

I posted something on Saturday following the whole news of Pete's post-and-delete, and I'm gonna drop it here. And I'm not sorry for the language, because this is 110% fact. 

How about we leave our sucktitude behind in 2018, and try actually treating each other like actual human beings in 2019, mmkay?

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