Beyonce And Ed Sheeran Just Sparked A Major Debate

After their appearance on stage together during the Global Citizen Festival on Sunday night, people are saying the way Beyonce and Ed Sheeran dressed is a huge indication of the standards between men and women.

And look, I'm about to say what I'm going to say without attempting to say anyone is wrong or offend anyone (but it's 2018 so I'll probably make 4 million people angry)...

Since when is it NOT ok to wear what you want? I highly doubt someone held a gun to Beyonce's head and said, "Hey, you need to wear this or else." Ed clearly dressed in his image, the way he wanted to. Beyonce dresses the way she wants to. She ALWAYS looks glamorous. And she's BEYONCE. If she wanted to walk out in a t-shirt and jeans, she could, and no one would say a word. Hell, everyone would go out and buy a similar t-shirt and similar jeans the next day because it's what Beyonce wore.

Y'all need Jesus and a hug...quit complaining about EVERYTHING.

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