Airbnb Hosting $4 Sleepovers At World's Last Blockbuster Video Store!

Prepare to go back in time...and if you grew up in the 90s with Blockbuster, prepare to get giddy like a middle schooler at the mall on a Friday night.

Airbnb teamed up with the world's LAST Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon to create a nostalgic sleepover package, complete with a pull-out couch and the entire Blockbuster VHS/DVD collection at your fingertips. For just $4 per night with a maximum of 4 guests, you can hang and watch movies with your guests at this time machine of a structure.

You're probably wondering if there are amenities there. Yes, there are bathrooms. No showers, unfortunately. The booking requests open up on August 17th with three one-night stays available on September 18-20.

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