Here's A Shocker: Chris Brown Was Arrested

If you've never seen Back To The Future 2, there's a scene where a couple of the school bully's (Biff) buddies wait for Marty McFly to get off stage from performing at his parents' high school prom in 1955. But it wasn't the Marty McFly that starred in Back To The Future 2, it was the Marty from Back To The Future 1 that originally went back to 1955 and almost got sexually assaulted by his Mom. Multiple times.

With me so far?

Anyway, Biff's buddies wait for the 1955 Marty to finish playing on stage so they can jump him. Except the Marty from 1985 that went to 2015 but then had to go back to 1955 because of a Sports Almanac issue ended up stopping Biff's buddies.

(Spoiler Alert: I really didn't have to use this analogy at all, I just REALLY love Back To The Future.)

But a similar thing happened to Chris Brown yesterday. He was performing in Florida, and while he was on stage, police just hung out backstage waiting for him to get off. When he did, they arrested him right away for a warrant on a felony battery charge.

Ya know, with all the battery charges Breezy has, he could be the new spokesperson for Evil Energizer Batteries. (I'm a scumbag.)



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