Some RACIST Stuff Went Down at Yale University

Here's the quick version -- Lolade Siyonbola is a grad student at Yale who fell asleep in a common area while writing a paper. Lolade also happens to be black, which normally I wouldn't include if this whole situation wasn't so damn racist, because the color of her skin shouldn't matter. But it does in this case.

A fellow Yale student, who happens to be white (which also shouldn't matter, but also does in this case) called the police on her. For sleeping. In a common area. At a college she attends. And what happens in the videos below is absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing.

First, here's the student who called the cops on her in the first place.


And now, here's her over-the-top experience with campus police (and honestly, the fact that the people in the comments section are suggesting "well, the police don't know that those keys weren't stolen" when she unlocks the door to her apartment is RIDICULOUS. Like, GIVE ME A BREAK.)


And I'm not the only one that thinks this was BEYOND messed up.



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