One Whole Culture Came To This Girl's Defense

WHY is everyone obsessed with being SO mean to each other? Everyone has a big puffed up chest on Twitter for ZERO reason. Y'all are bullies, and y'all need to get a hamster or dog or something, or just get a damn hug.

A random 18-year-old girl. SHE'S 18, GUYS. Posted a picture of her from prom last weekend, where she was wearing a cheongsam -- a dress popular in the Chinese culture. And she got SLAMMED for "cultural appropriation" for it. BY GROWN @$$ PEOPLE. Like, is that how people get their jollies now? Being grown adults attacking an 18-year-old on Twitter?

Thankfully, MULTIPLE people of Chinese descent were all "y'all need to STFU, we love that she's sharing in our culture."

Seriously...why are we all obsessed with just being sucknuggets to each other now?



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