NASA Stepped In To Stop Racist Comments During Competition

People. Are. Jerks.

Long story short, NASA held a nationwide competition, and three teenage girls entered said competition and came up with a method to purify lead-contaminated water in school drinking fountains. Pretty genius, right? So, NASA named them finalists.

Fast forward to the competition opening to public voting -- and while the girls used social media successfully to rake in a TON of votes, some people on 4chan (an anonymous Internet forum) started bashing the girls, mainly for the fact that they're black. Then they went so far as to say they were getting a lot of public votes not because they had the best method, but because the black community was voting for them strictly because of their race.

Honestly, I doubt that's the case but even if it is, CAN YOU BLAME THEM? Because there are jerkholes like the people even bringing up this topic in the first place! So yeah, they're going to vote in members of their culture because there are sucknuggets like people on 4chan slamming them. AGAIN, A CASE OF GROWN ADULTS SLAMMING TEENAGERS.

NASA stepped in and ended the public voting early once they realized people on 4chan were tampering with the vote so that the girls lost. There's also a panel of judges that come together to aid in picking a winner too, and they said the winner will be named later this month. 

I can only HOPE that these girls win. And hold up their plaques/trophies/whatever they win, with a bunch of middle fingers in the air to the scumbags on 4chan.



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