Shania Twain Apologizes For Her Trump Comments


I don't care how you feel about Donald Trump as President. I think he has his pros and his cons but is an overall buffoon that shouldn't be allowed on Twitter. But that said, WHY DOES SOMEONE FEEL THE NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR SAYING THEY SUPPORT HIM OR WOULD'VE VOTED FOR HIM?!

Shania Twain said in a recent interview that she would've voted for Trump because even though he's offensive, he seems pretty honest. Whether you agree with her or not, THAT'S HER OPINION. SHE'S ENTITLED TO IT.

But now she's apologizing for saying everything she did, which honestly just makes her look like an absolute goof. She should be standing by what she said and people shouldn't be giving her all this crap because she said it.

All y'all are impossible.



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