Was The School Right In This Situation?

Know what defense I've ALWAYS thought was BS ever since I was in school back in the day? The whole female dress code and how it affects males' attention spans in class.

Like, in my school, girls couldn't wear spaghetti straps on hot days because their shoulder exposure would be too distracting to the boys. Or they had to wear shorts pretty much down to their knees because if they were shorter than fingertip length when hands are by your side, they were too distracting to the boys.

I've NEVER understood that defense. Punishing girls (especially on hot days) because of boys? Because stereotypically dudes think about nothing but sex, so will sexualize a girl's SHOULDERS? But those same boys could wear a tank top in school if they wanted?

Anyway, that whole rant was based off of the fact that in Florida, a girl wore a long sleeve shirt and jeans to school one day, but was still told she was breaking dress code. Why? Because she chose not to wear a bra that day. So it got so bad that the school made her put on a second shirt, AND MOVE AND JUMP AROUND TO ASSESS THE AMOUNT OF JIGGLE IN HER BOOBS THROUGH THE SHIRT. And that's on top of her having to put bandages over her nipples so they didn't poke through her shirt.

So, TEACHERS can have STUDENTS jump up and down to judge the jiggle of their boobs through a shirt, but we're supposed to believe girls should feel shamed because they're distracting to boys? Yeah. Pretty messed up.

Do you agree with the school's decision?



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