These Local News Anchors Criticized The Kid That Got Into 20 Schools

Some people are using the race card for this one, after video dropped of local news anchors (not local to us, we just mean not part of a national show) calling Michael Brown obnoxious for applying to 20 schools.

They're not highlighting (at least in a fully positive light) that the kid took a chance at applying to 20 top schools AND GOT INTO ALL 20, WITH A FULL SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED TO HIM FROM ALL 20 SCHOOLS. Nope. They're calling the move obnoxious and pointing out how he took 19 spots away from other students who were waitlisted instead of accepted. All because of Michael.

A lot of people are blaming the criticism on the fact that Michael happens to be black. Which shouldn't matter AT ALL. But it definitely WOULD be interesting to see if this would've been presented the way it was if Michael were white.

You keep kickin' that booty, Michael. Congrats!



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