Is There Some Kind Of Drama Between Walmart And Cosmo Magazine?

I guess I just don't understand this. If "Cosmopolitan" magazine is a mag that's geared FOR WOMEN, and the #MeToo Movement is all about women empowerment and ending sexual harrassment and assault AGAINST WOMEN... how does Walmart saying they're removing Cosmo from the checkout lines and only selling it in the magazine stand in their store even make sense?

It'd make more sense (at least in my peanut-sized brain) for them to be all "Yeah, we figured it's a bad look to have kids standing in a checkout line looking at sexy-dressed women with the words 'sex' and 'orgasm' plastered all over the front cover -- so we're going to move them to the magazine stands out of respect for the parents that shop here." than to use the #MeToo Movement as an excuse.

Like, is there something I'm missing?



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