Arie From "The Bachelor" Just Got Engaged For The Second Night In A Row

I'm sorry, there's no possible way this is real life. And that's basically why I don't watch this junk anyway, but the latest "Bachelor," Arie, got engaged to Becca during the "Bachelor" finale on Monday night, only to dump her by the end of the finale because he apparently still wasn't over the runner-up for the show, Lauren.


(My FAVORITE response from her in that clip? When he's all "The further we got to be closer together, the further I drifted from having a chance with her" -- she burns him with "Yeah, that's normal relationship stuff." Arie you dummy.)

Fast forward to last night's "After The Rose" special, WHERE HE DROPPED TO A KNEE AGAIN TO ASK LAUREN TO MARRY HIM.  And while I didn't watch it because, again, couldn't careless about it, I'm pretty sure he did all that IN FRONT OF BECCA.


BUT...the reason I'm convinced it's all a sham? Magically, Becca is now the new "Bachelorette." Coincidence, or did producers feel really bad for Becca? But then you gotta think they already had a "Bachelorette" in mind, so what happened to that woman that Becca replaced?

I'm telling you -- all a sham.



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