One Of The Stoneman Douglas Students Was A Tweet Victim Of Trump Jr.

Rarely do I get political and I'm not even trying to be right now -- I just think this is seriously effed up. Last week, an entire school had to mourn the loss of 17 of their classmates and friends because of another senseless school shooting. And it just so happens that the survivors at the school have had enough of all the school shootings around the country and are taking a stand to speak out about it.

One student is named David Hogg, and his father used to work for the FBI. For whatever reason, this kid...THIS getting hate on social media by grown people. HE'S A KID. There are also nutjobs that assume the kids speaking out against gun violence are just actors put in place by anti-second amendment politicians.

But here's the thing that takes the cake for me...some random dude posted this Tweet:


...which was liked by Donald Trump Jr. The kid just buried 17 of his classmates, and now he has to deal with stupid stuff like this? Like WTF is wrong with this? Anyway -- he was on CNN last night with his father being interviewed about everything and...I don't know. It's just such a mess that this is even a thing.



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