People Are Calling For A Boycott Of The New Peter Rabbit Movie

Wow. You seriously can't do ANYTHING anymore without someone boycotting something or having an issue with something, huh?

People/parents are calling for a boycott of the brand new Peter Rabbit movie because of a scene where blackberries are thrown at Peter's arch nemesis, Mr. McGregor, even though the characters throwing the blackberries know that Mr. McGregor is allergic. So, naturally parents think kids are going to mimic what they see in the movie and start using peoples' food allergies against them.

No, seriously. That's what's happening. And as someone who has suffered from food allergies all his life, I think anyone who boycotts this movie over this scene is a bigger idiot than I probably would've originally thought.

If your kid throws a piece of food that they know someone is allergic to, at the person with the food allergy...that's NOT because of the movie, that's because of YOUR SUCKTASTIC PARENTING.

I hate people. The end.



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