Kim Kardashian Said Another Stupid Thing (I Know, Shocker)

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian did a typical Kim Kardashian thing and said something absolutely naive and stupid. This time, it was about her hair (which is clearly inspired from African culture, but instead gave credit to a movie star from the 1970's).


Now, I'm not meaning to sound inappropriate or anything with what I say next, but I think we can all agree that we see that hairstyle and the first thing we think of is African culture, right? The hairstyle is legit FROM the African culture -- so why Kim, who you KNOW is a bonehead and probably has never even seen a Bo Derek movie, would call them by an outdated movie star that no one knows much about in this generation -- don't tell me that wasn't planned.

Thankfully, she got called out on Twitter.


Seriously, can the Kardashians and Jenners just be over already?



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