HLN Reporter GOES IN On Author Of Aziz Ansari Date Blog Post

Here's some Cliff Notes since I haven't even really touched on the Aziz Ansari drama yet. Aziz went on a date with an anonymous woman named "Grace," and long story short, after things got physical on the date, "Grace" more or less accused Aziz of sexually assaulting her.

Not a lot of people agree with this being assault, though, including HLN's Ashleigh Banfield, who more or less didn't agree because "Grace" performed acts on Aziz multiple times before finally leaving, as opposed to leaving right away. She then had things to say about the author of the post, Katie Way, for more or less trying to get Aziz black-balled from Hollywood.

This is how Katie responded:


Annnd here is Ashleigh's on-air response to that letter, and she pulls no punches (and honestly makes some INCREDIBLE points.)



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