A Member Of The "Goodfellas" Cast Just Threatened Harvey Weinstein

You know who I'd never mess with? Paulie from "Goodfellas." Dude is SO good with a razor blade that he sliced garlic super thin in jail so that it melted. THE GARLIC MELTED. (Sorry, "Goodfellas" is one of my all-time favorite movies...but I digress.)

Paul Sorvino, who played Paulie, just came out threatening that creepazoid Harvey Weinstein for basically ruining his daughter, Mira's, career. See, Mira was one of the targets of Harvey, but she shot that sucka down like *pew pew pew!* And in return, Harvey blacklisted her, which pretty much stalled out her career.

Paul said that Harvey better hope he goes to jail, because if he doesn't and they cross paths ever, Harvey "will be lying on the floor, somehow, magically." And if that wasn't clear enough, this comment is:

"I'll kill that motherf****r!"



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