Logan Paul Messes Up BIG Time, Posts Terrible Apology

Here's a quick rundown of what happened -- last night (Monday), Logan Paul, YouTube "star" (and by star, I mean lazy schmuck that makes his living posting YouTube videos that for whatever reason, little kids care about...probably because he's pretty) posted a video in the Japanese suicide forest. His plan was to camp out and check out ghosts or some crap -- bad idea anyway since it's making a joke out of people who have taken their lives in the area to begin with.

While filming, he and his crew came across someone who had decided to take their life by hanging from a tree. And, yes, while they took time to get serious and say suicide isn't the answer, they still made the decision to continue filming AND THEN EDITED THE VIDEO DOWN TO INCLUDE THAT MOMENT AND POSTED IT. Obviously it was met with tons of backlash, so he decided it was a good idea to post this apology:


You'll notice it wasn't even an apology -- not once is there an "I'm sorry" -- just a "oops, my bad, but hey I'm still awesome and get hits" message. Once he got blasted for that lack of apology, he posted this one earlier this morning:


Here's the thing, bro. It's like when someone is told they should say thank you or apologize for something -- if they're told they need to do it, it doesn't mean squat. You posting this video AFTER your (lack of) apology post last night means NOTHING, because you got called out for the self-absorbed sucknugget you are.

Let this be a lesson, not only to Logan, but to the damn human race.



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