Matt Damon Just Messed Up Big Time

You know what's a little rough? When you have the utmost respect for someone and genuinely love to see them succeed, and they do or say something that just makes you want to slap them with disappointment.

That's how I feel about Matt Damon right now. I like Matt. I enjoy his movies. He's always seemed like a pretty good dude. There hasn't really been any controversial stuff floating around out there about him -- no "he's a druggie" or "he's a womanizer" or anything -- just did his thing. But, he REALLY needs to keep his mouth shut on this whole Hollywood sexual assault stuff.

Because, for whatever reason, he thought it'd be a real good idea that, instead of highlighting all of the men in Hollywood that are guilty of sexually assaulting women, to highlight the men that aren't.


Ugh...Matt...just stop. You know the reason they're not being talked about? Because it shouldn't NEED to be pointed out when you're an actual human being with actual human decency and respect for other humans, you beautiful, talented nimrod. That's like going to work everyday and expecting your boss to thank you for what you do every single day -- yeah, it's nice, BUT IT'S YOUR JOB.

Just...stop. Be pretty, Matt. Be talented. Be the nice guy you genuinely seem to be. But for the love of Jeebus will you STFU?



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