Here's Why Kids Need To Be Nicer To Each Other

This is really scary when you think about it. A 22-year-old woman, doing nothing but minding her own business and driving with her boyfriend on a highway on a Saturday afternoon, was killed. 


Because a 12-year-old kid was trying to commit suicide, and jumped off an overpass onto her car. He survived.

Think about that though. A 12-YEAR-OLD. 12. NOT EVEN A TEENAGER. Already trying to take his own life. And unless it's that blue whale "game," you automatically have to assume a real main reason why, was probably bullying. (Granted, that's a HUGE assumption since literally ZERO details have come out yet). But either way -- no 12-year-old (I mean, ideally no one ever, but especially not someone who is only 12) should want to harm themselves. And because of it, an innocent 22-year-old woman is dead. Tragic.



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