Some People AREN'T Excited Over Justin Timberlake At Halftime

Following Justin Timberlake's announcement that he would be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show this February, I think the world expected to be overjoyed. And while most were, there are some who are so very the opposite of happy with it, sparking the #JusticeForJanet campaign.

Let's rewind back to 2004, when Justin and Janet Jackson shared the Halftime Show stage, and the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" happened. The plan was for Justin to rip off Janet's rubber bustier to reveal a red lace bra, but as we all know, the bra went with it and Janet's breast was exposed. Following it, Janet was banned from that year's Grammy Awards while Justin was still allowed to attend, and her music videos were banned by Viacom (who owned MTV -- not that they've played music videos in like 2 decades anyway). It was said to basically ruin Janet's career while helping Justin's thrive.

If I'm JT, who seems like a real man of the people, since she's touring right now, I have Janet make her return to the Halftime Show stage (she's not banned from Halftime or anything), and even toss up the proverbial middle finger at everyone by having HER rip off part of Justin's shirt to expose HIS nipple. And for what it's worth, Janet's official website doesn't list any tour dates after December 17th...



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