This Is Why Women Are Posting "Me Too" On Their Socials

I posted this status last night, because all day long I saw my feed blowing up like crazy, and it was shocking to me the number of women that went through an experience that allowed them to post "Me Too."


And I mean it. Because the number of women I see posting this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -- any social media account -- it's blown me away and makes me hate that us dudes can be such total a-holes, whether we realize what we're doing or not (and that's not me justifying actions, I just feel like there's a lot of people that are so stupid -- myself included -- that we could really have no idea what we're actually doing at times. Not an excuse, because we SHOULD be smart enough, but I digress.)

It turns out, the whole "Me Too" campaign was kicked off by Alyssa Milano, after a suggestion from a friend.


To the women that have posted "Me Too" and even gone as far to explain exactly how -- I'm sorry you had to go through with that, and I'm proud of you for letting your voice be heard and not feeling like silence is your only escape anymore. To the women that HAVE gone through sexual harrassment/assault but remain silent -- I'm sorry you had to go through with that, and I respect your decision to remain silent. But know that if you ever decide to let your voice be heard, there's a major support system that will get your back and act as your safety net when you feel like you're falling for allowing yourself to be so vulnerable.

I love all y'all.



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