McDonald's Is Trying To Bring Back Family Time

Personally, I LOVE this. I hate how much we've all become attached to our phones -- myself included. We waste so much time with our noses attached to an LED screen that we completely miss life happening around us. Know why the same movies and songs are recycled over and over? Because there's no more creativity in the world anymore -- because we're too busy using phones and tablets to use our imagination to get stuff done.

That said -- McDonald's is trying to kick it back to the old school days before phones and tablets took over the world, and introducing their "Phone Off. Fun On." campaign -- which is basically just a big ole set of transparent phone lockers that families are encouraged to lock their phones in during their family bonding time at McDonald's.

Naturally, most people are heated and even asking who would want to spend quality time at Mickey D's. BUT...what a great idea for it to START with McD's, and eventually grow to other areas.

What do you think? Does the phone locker idea not sit well with you, or are you welcoming it with open arms?



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