Everyone Is Loving The Irony Of This Wrongful Arrest Story

If anything, maybe it's a good lesson for civilians not to eat and drive, and also for police to get better field testing equipment.

Back in 2015, a man was pulled over for speeding and failure to come to a complete stop. He drove the elderly around for a living, which makes this even more hilarious that someone that kind-hearted would end up in jail for 10 hours over a police oopsie. But once the man handed his license over and police saw he had a license to carry, they asked him to step out of the car for safety purposes, which he agreed to, as long as he wouldn't be ticketed.

He allowed police to search the car, and they grilled him over what they found -- a crystal-like substance on the floorboard of the car, which tested positive for meth. Which the man found hilarious since he hadn't ever even smoked a cigarette in his life. Now, here's where the irony kicks in:

The crystal-like substance...WERE LEFT OVER GLAZE-CRUMBS FROM A KRISPY KREME DONUT! If you believe the stereotype, you'd think police would know that before they even took a closer look! Charges were dropped and the man was awarded $37,500 for his troubles.



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