Was Mike Pence Walking Out Of Colts Game A Fundraising Stunt?

Some people praised Mike Pence, some people thought it was BS, and some (actually, probably most) just didn't care. But on Sunday, VP Pence went to the Colts/49ers game, and, under the instruction of Donald Trump, left the game early once he saw kneeling happening during the National Anthem.

But it's turning out like that may have all been a plan for fundraising, the entire time. Because Trump instructed Pence to leave if there was any kneeling (which, anyone knows there would've been), people are getting heated that their tax dollars were spent on Pence's trip to the game seemingly for a photo op of him holding his hand over his heart during the Anthem, only to leave right after.

On top of that, Trump's team are now offering "I STAND FOR THE FLAG" stickers for a mere $5 donation (at least) to the "Trump Make America Great Again Committee."

Do you think people have a legit gripe, or are people overreacting?



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