Donald Trump Uses Usain Bolt Against His Battle With NFL

Since Donald Trump's #1 concern in the country the last few days has been whether or not players in the NFL kneel during the National Anthem, he's been using anything he can to support his views with thinking it's disrespectful for players to kneel to the flag.

Last night, he tweeted out a video of Usain Bolt interrupting an interview to stand in silence for the playing of the National Anthem.


So, here's the thing -- I get Donald's point. I actually do. BUT. Usain seemed to stop the interview because he heard AN ANTHEM, not necessarily ours -- he may have done the same thing for any other anthem that was played. Also, perhaps if Usain lived in America and not Jamaica, he'd feel differently. He's not exposed to "the American way" every day, so he may not have the same views as our athletes since he doesn't live in the States 24/7/365.

Donald DID get one thing right, though -- praising Usain for showing respect to an Anthem that he could've just ignored since it's not his own.



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