A Dog Was Attacked Over Marriage Equality In Australia

This blows my damn mind. The fact that there is so much hatred within people that they'd try and KICK A DOG for no other reason than because it's wearing a scarf that says "Equality" on it THAT THEIR OWNER PUT ON IT -- man, I just hate people.

Here's the Cliff Notes: Australia is in the middle of one of the biggest debates, decisions, and eventual votes ever about marriage equality. There, now you're caught up -- now chick out this post from the owner of the dog that WAS ALMOST ATTACKED BECAUSE OF A SCARF.


Thankfully, it didn't take long for people to rally around the pup and its owner.


And naturally, there are some haters that are trying to DEFEND DOG KICKING.


Here's hoping a giant, rabid dog bites anyone who tries to, or approves of, dog-kicking square in the junk.



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