Piers Morgan Wrote About A UNH Sorority

In case you didn't hear about it (and I'm sure you did, because it made freakin' TMZ), a UNH sorority is under fire (rumor had it they were being investigated, but I've also heard that there was no investigation and that was just BS) after video was posted of them singing Kanye's "Gold Digger."

Not a big deal to sing a song, right? Except for the fact that in the video, it looked to be all Caucasian members of Alpha Phi who were singing the explicit version of the song, which drops the N-word in the chorus of the song.

The whole video went viral, with some people saying its no big deal, because they're not being malicious but are just singing the song, and some are saying that it's still offensive for white people to say the word, even if it's part of a song, because they don't understand what it's like for one word to hold such power over an entire race.

I see both sides, and I refuse to lean one way. BUT, one dude that DID lean one way, was Piers Morgan, who wrote a column about it in the Daily Mail and basically said that it's ridiculous that anyone would be offended by it.

The link to his column is below, but I want to know what you think -- is what Alpha Phi did offensive, or is everyone overreacting? 



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