I Have A Message To Students And Teachers

I'm not posting this blog to be "newsy," to get web hits for this station, or even to tell the facts about what happened, because it's business as usual (which is scary to think) -- kid shows up to school with duffle bag, pulls out gun, starts shooting, people get shot. From all the articles I've seen, 3 students were injured and 1 was killed.

The point of this blog is a message to students, AND teachers administration. First, the students:

Spoiler alert, kiddos -- people SUCK when they're in high school. Students legitimately think their classification matters and will have an affect on them in their future life. Reality check -- no one in the real world gives LESS THAN ONE F*** if you were the quarterback of your high school football team unless you're playing in the NFL. Otherwise, you're just another student-athlete on a field that'll be replaced when you either fail out, drop out, or graduate (and I hope it's the last one -- I'm not looking to see anyone fail.)

But seriously, listen to me. Listen to someone who went through probably the absolute most sucktastic year of his life in 7th grade when he was bullied EVERY single day either outside of class or in it (and had an old bag of homeroom teacher that would rather turn cheek and groom her disgusting mustache than actually do something about it like her job entails), got jumped in locker rooms and jumped off the school bus. Take it from a dude that literally had no real close friends in high school, just a bunch of acquaintances. You know how many parties I was invited to in high school? ZERO. Trust me, I've been there, I know where you're at mentally.

Shooting up your school is NOT the answer. Because here's what's going to happen down the line -- you're all going to graduate high school. That stupid clique that the "popular" kids are in, that'll get broken up and they'll actually have to PROVE THEMSELVES in college. And that's where they either grow the F up and realize they were little sucknuggets in school, or they'll fail and drop into obscurity and cling onto whatever life they thought they had in high school, while the other people in that group of friends has moved on and grown up and left them behind.

It sucks to say and I promise I'm not blowing your feelings off in saying this -- but every morning, you wake up, you sack up, and you make it through each day. Nose to the grindstone. Because at the end of the day, you're getting stronger without even realizing it. The second you graduate high school, it doesn't matter anymore. The ONLY thing that high school is good for, other than sometimes actually meeting lifelong friends? Getting you into a good college so you can get a good education, get a good job, and finally raise to the level that you're destined for -- which is WAY above the doucheknuckles you're dealing with in high school now. The people I had problems with in high school -- I'm either friendly with now because they grew the F up, or I just don't talk to. So TRUST ME, ok? HANG IN THERE. No harming yourself. No harming others. Because NO ONE will have your back if you show up to school with a gun one day. But if you keep working hard, working through everything, and proving that YOU'RE a badass -- THAT'S how you earn peoples' respect, whether it's immediate or down the line.

Now, for the teachers:

Do me favor, OK? And this isn't to all of you, but it's to a good chunk of you -- WAKE. THE. F***. UP. You know the difference between OUR teachers and YOU? OUR teachers didn't really care if they were liked or not -- they realized they were hired to teach us the course matter and discipline us when we were little a-holes. YOU? The only thing you really seem to care about is being their friend. Know where that gets them in life? NOWHERE.

You know the teachers I became closest to? The ones that pushed me. The ones that HAD THE RESPECT FOR ME to see potential and drag it out of me. THOSE are the teachers that I became closest with and stay in touch with today. Did I hate them during the course when I wasn't getting A's and I felt like I was struggling? Yup. Did I come out the other side on the final day of class or school feeling like a better person for them being so hard on me? Yup. THAT is how you earn your students' respect -- and if they're little suckbags in class, that's not YOUR problem, that's their sucky parenting (which is a whole other blog post I'm not even going to get into.) Why don't you stop trying to be your students' best friend by throwing them on your snapchat feed with a stupid dog filter, and start TEACHING THEM. Being their EDUCATOR. Because at the end of the day, you're teaching them a lot more than just math.

(Granted, I totally understand that it must SUCK to have a group of 20-30 kids whose future you're partially responsible for, AND tough to carry all of their attention for however long your block of class is -- much respect to you for your profession. But being a student once who had a teacher that turned a blind eye when he needed her most -- suck it up and step up. Again, I know A LOT of good teachers, this isn't to all of you, just the ones that need a wake-up call.)

Look, at the end of the day, if students AND teachers/faculty/administration doesn't change, then we're going to have a ton more articles like the one below floating around the internet -- and I'd rather not see these pop up every couple weeks, especially since we're barely 2 weeks into the new year.

I'm off my soapbox. Feel free to blast away at me.



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