The Yankees Have Accused The Red Sox Of Cheating

Over the weekend, the Sox played the Yanks. And let's be real -- they got crushed. They won a game, but got destroyed the rest of the series. Which makes it interesting why the Yankees would think the Red Sox were cheating -- if they were, don't you think they would've done better instead of reeking of absolute sucktitude?

According to the New York Times, the Sox used an Apple Watch strapped onto the assistant athletic trainer to steal and pass along signs between Yankees' pitcher and catcher, then relayed those messages to the batter so they knew what pitch to expect.

...does NO ONE else think this is insanely far-fetched? The time between the pitcher accepting a signal from the catcher and then following up with a pitch is SECONDS. Literally SECONDS. Unless they're talking about stealing signs from the dugout to the catcher -- but even so, you're talking about one person messaging someone else with an Apple Watch, that person checking their watch, then passing along the message. NO CELL SERVICE IS THAT GOOD.

Honestly? Where baseball has gone from the most-watched sport to toward the bottom of the barrel over the last chunk of years, I'm thinking this BS is trying to borrow a page from the whole "Deflategate" playbook and create some excitement about one of the more boring sports to watch (and baseball is my favorite sport, so that's saying a lot.)



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