Student Gets Math Equation Correct, But Gets Points Off

Ya know what's stupid? Common Core math. I don't understand, parents don't understand it, students now DEFINITELY don't understand yet, yet we still use it. 

And the reason it's so stupid is because you can come up with the correct answer but STILL get it wrong or get points off, all because of how you show your work of arriving to your answer. For example:

This one student, during a test, was given a problem. 5x3. Answer is 15, right? Student had to show his work, so what'd he do? He wrote 5+5+5. Which is 15. Which is the damn answer. 

But he got a point deducted. Why? Because he wrote it as 5+5+5 instead of 3+3+3+3+3. Which is also 15. WHICH IS THE SAME DAMN THING.

And THAT'S why we're all idiots. What do you think? Was the student right and got robbed of a point, or was the teacher correct in deducting a point?



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