Students And Parents Petition To Remove Pride Flag

This is how we DON'T civilly solve issues in America, friends. Here's the Cliff Notes version:

There have been numerous requests to remove the Confederate flags displayed (mostly down South) due to all of the events in Charlottesville a couple of weekends ago. That said, a group of students and parents at Auburn High School in Alabama decided to counteract that request, with a request of their own -- to remove a Pride flag that is displayed in one teacher's classroom.


While I UNDERSTAND what the purpose of that is (if one flag can't be displayed, why can another), it's two TOTALLY different things. One flag has a history of hate and violence, while another simply represents unity. Which SHOULD be what OUR flag is all about -- there shouldn't be a confederate version of the American flag, we should just have one damn flag that unites us all, and we shouldn't be such sucknuggets to each other.

That said, thankfully, there is ANOTHER group of parents and students from the same high school rocking a counter-petition to keep the Pride flag displayed in the classroom, which so far has over 3,700 signatures.


The saying has always been, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall."

How about we all start remembering that, ya dinks?



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