The Co-Founder Of Netflix Wants You To Save Money At The Movies

One of the co-founders of Netflix, Mitch Lowe, has a side project he works on called MoviePass. Now, up until recently, MoviePass has had a tiered-pricing system that charged subscribers anywhere from $15 to $50, based on their geographical location and the number of movies chosen to see.

BUT, now Mitch wants to change things up and channel the Netflix way of subscription cost -- and charge subscribers a mere $9.95/month to see one daily movie. 

HOW MUCH OF A STEAL IS THAT? It costs around that price now to see ONE movie EVERY time you go to the theater! But to pay that as a one-time fee and get to see 30-31 (or 28-29...thanks, February) a month?! HUGE!!

Make it happen and I'll download that sucka right now! (Although, there IS push back from some theaters, like AMC, who aren't feeling it since they'll lose out on money.)



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