The White Supremacist Hate Has Made Its Way To Us

Ya know, I haven't really touched on the stuff in Charlottesville, VA that happened over the weekend because...well, I don't do politics, I admittedly don't know enough politics to get in a debate, and anything I have to say about what happened will get me fired, because I'll go on a profanity-laced rant.

That said, when you hear about stuff that happens in a place like Charlottesville, at least to me, it's sad, infuriating, and disheartening -- but it's not in your backyard, so it's kinda like, "Well, THAT'S not US, that's just THEM and their typical southern mentality."

Except, yesterday, it hit home. WE became THEM. Because yesterday afternoon, some little scumbag decided it'd be a stellar idea to destroy one of the biggest, most-visited, most beautiful landmarks in one of the best cities in the world -- some little snot-nosed, scumbag, suck-bucket teenager threw a rock through the Holocaust Memorial in Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Turns out the kid was 17 years old and was arrested. Even before he was arrested, he was being held by two bystanders until police arrived. This vandalism comes 2 months after the same thing happened, when some 21-year-old slimeball did the same thing. The glass panel literally had been replaced last month, and is already shattered again.

Wake the hell up, everyone. We're becoming the most hateful, pathetic, laughing stock in the world.



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