Waitress Gets Stiffed On Tip Because Of Her Tattoo

A girl named Emily posted a picture of her friend Samantha's equal rights tattoo (which looks bad@$$ on its own, anyway) next to a receipt from Buffalo Wild Wings in Illinois for $60.55...with $0 marked down for the tip.


Welp, the note scribbled to the left of the tip probably explains why (other than the fact that common sense they're absolute sucknuggets.)

"Can't tip someone who doesn't love Jesus! Bad tatoo"

First things first -- it's tattoo, you uneducated idiot. If you're going to stiff someone on a tip because they support love of any kind, at least pretend that you have a fully functioning brain and are educated.

Secondly, you suck at life. I hope she peed in your soup.



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