Shawn Mendes Shares First Look At 'In Wonder' Documentary

Just a week after Shawn Mendes announced his documentary In Wonder is coming to Netflix on November 23rd, the singer has now shared the first look at the film in a new trailer.

The trailer shows Mendes on his 2019 world tour after releasing his self-titled album, and shines the light on some intense moments. The clip starts off with affirmations Shawn writes over and over again in a notebook like, "I sing with no tension" and "My voice is strong and healthy."

Fans can also see the intensity of being on tour for Shawn, and his ups and downs. He explained, "You first get on the stage and ego comes rushing in, and it goes, 'Don't mess up.' And then about 30 seconds in and you go, 'Oh yeah, I'm just a guy. And I love music.' Time to surrender."

He continued, "We're on a 104 show tour, and it's pretty intense all the time. But this isn't a story about a famous musician. This is a story about a guy growing up."

In Wonder also features several moments with his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, including some of their performances together. And in the trailer, he talks about how "every song [he] ever wrote" was for Camila. He explains, "I saw it comes up on the radio or something, and I'm like, 'Everything is about you. It's always there. They've always been about you. She goes, 'What do you mean?' I'm like, 'They're all about you. Like, every song I ever wrote.'"

Sean is set to release his new album, Wonder, on December 4th, shortly after his documentary premieres in November. The new album follows his 2018 self-titled project, and includes its recently-released title track. In a message for fans, the singer/songwriter shared of his upcoming new music:

"I’ve missed you all so much! I know it’s been a really scary year for everyone so I’m sending buckets of love to all of you x I wrote an album. It’s called Wonder. it really feels like a piece of me has been written down on paper and recorded into song. I tried to be as real and as honest as I’ve ever been. It’s a world and a journey and a dream and an album I’ve been wanting to make for a really long time. I absolutely love it. Thank you for being by my side for so many years. I love you all so much."

Photo: Getty Images