I Think All These Cryptic Insta Posts Just Turned Me Into A Swifty...

Guys. I've never felt more pathetic in my life -- but I'm overanalyzing every Taylor Swift Insta post now, and I think she's still counting down to something. And I think I hate myself for looking this deeply into Taylor Swift Insta posts.

So let's recap -- you already know she started with the 7 palm trees, then the next day she posed on the 6th stair of a staircase, and the next day posted a pic with 5 holes in a fence -- then she skipped a day. So we never got a 4, right? Right.

Well, then she posted a picture of her cat looking shook AF and even captioned it with her cat just read all the fan theories...

...and I thought to myself, "Self, look how many doors there are in that picture: THREE." SHE SKIPPED FOUR, AND THEN WE GOT A THREE. And then a few hours later, she posted her cover on the new issue of Elle UK...

And even though "Elle" is a 4-letter word, how many actual different letters are used? TWO.

So it's like she's STILL counting down to something. And the 2019 Taylor calendars have some kind of sticker placed on March 2nd, which is this Saturday, which is when people suspected the countdown to end.

...or I just became an insane person that should never go out in public again.

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