Accroding to the Huffington Post:

  • You'll be ripped (duh). Cyclists are some of the world's fittest athletes, because pedaling a bike works a range of muscles (including your core) that other workout routines don't reach.
  • You'll have lots of energy. Just six weeks of low- and moderate-intensity cycling banishes fatigue and ups energy levels, studies show.
  • You'll have swagger. One survey found that 25 percent of people would rather go on a date with a cyclist than any other kind of fitness-minded person.
  • You'll become self-sufficient. Cyclists carry everything they need on their person, making them more mindful people.
  • Cyclists take safety seriously. Wear a helmet! It'll slash your risk of traffic-accident death by 97 percent.
  • You'll live longer. Pedaling hard enough to be out of breath on a regular basis helps women and men live four and five years longer, respectively.