July 17th



The Gnarly Whale is a beachy beauty company created by two girls who live in North West and wanted to have the beach with them even when it was freezing. Their goal is to provide minimal ingredient, vegan bath and beauty products to men and women! The Gnarly Whale's most famous product right now is Lemon Beach Waves spray - it's been featured in several magazines! There's lip balm, Green Tea Toner, Thai Coconut Beach Waves, Oatmeal Milk and Honey Coconut Milk Soap Bar, shampoos, detanglers, and so much more!


With the movie Sex Tape launching tomorrow I've got a way for you to make your own without the issue of the entire world seeing it. The Disckreet app is the safest way for couples to record their intimate moments together with peace of mind. The app requires two passcodes!  Both you and your partner have their own so you can't access the files until both passcodes have been entered! It's $.99 but it's totally worth it! Have a great weekend :)